The Matrix Resurrections: Self-Criticism Does Not Equal Substance

Some critics are praising this film for how fresh it feels rather than what it actually accomplishes on a storytelling level. I can understand how someone who feels there is very little new to see in theaters among the sea of nostalgic retreads might find a light in the form of Resurrections. There is meritContinue reading The Matrix Resurrections: Self-Criticism Does Not Equal Substance”

E.I. Emotional Intelligence and A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a meditation on the limitless soul-crushing void at the center of the human condition, and what great lengths we might reach to in order to fill it. That is what fascinates me so much about this film as opposed to other robot movies. It presupposes that “I think, therefore I am” and then asks the logical follow up question “What the hell am IContinue reading “E.I. Emotional Intelligence and A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Simulation in Black Mirror‘s “Be Right Back”

Reality is the simulation of life.  Wait. No, that’s not right. Let me try again.  Simulation is the reality of life. From the moment humans discovered they were only perceiving their lives through a limited number of senses, the idea of comparing what is truly real to what is just our perception of reality has thrown our collective minds forContinue reading “Simulation in Black Mirror‘s “Be Right Back””

L’argent: Style Without Entertainment

Stylistically there seems no filmmaker so simultaneously simple and complex as Robert Bresson. There is something to be said for intellectually stimulating films of his nature that do not pander to any kind of audience, but rather presents its ideas in a semi-objective way in order that viewers can approach the film thoughtfully, as almost a piece of philosophy or literature.   L’argent, beingContinue reading L’argent: Style Without Entertainment”

The Trial of the Chicago 7: “We’re gonna try something else.”

Pull up Facebook on your Macs, hold your poker cards close, and get ready to handle the truth, because today we’re going to be talking about an Aaron Sorkin movie. I am currently a student at Columbia College Chicago, which is just off the loop in the city. Now I know being a student atContinue reading The Trial of the Chicago 7: “We’re gonna try something else.””

Society’s Colors in All That Heaven Allows

In the late 1920s and the early 1930s, a new appliance started to move into American homes. Only this was not an appliance with a practical purpose, but an entertaining one. Home television sets have plagued American filmmakers since their inception, and by the 1950s many directors were trying new ways of getting audiences in their seats. Most commonContinue reading “Society’s Colors in All That Heaven Allows

A Technical Review of Repetition in Fritz Lang’s M

As those practicing real estate might repeat their mantra “Location! Location! Location!”, so should filmmakers similarly recite “Repetition! Repetition! Repetition!”. Repetition, similar to location, does not stand on its own. It is not the foundation, nor any part of the structure of the film itself, but when correctly wielded it becomes one of the strongest tools for executing your goals, whetherContinue reading “A Technical Review of Repetition in Fritz Lang’s M


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