Something Old, Something New

This is my weekly podcast! In addition to editing the audio for each episode, I collaborate with my cohost every week to choose review subjects, decide on social media promotion, and do research on the many films we cover. Our episodes mostly consist of discussion that reviews the merits and faults of two movies, researches their incubation, and compares them in order to look deeper into Hollywood’s history of change.

Welcome to the Alpha and Omega of film podcasts! In every episode, your hosts Anya and Anthony walk you through an old classic and a new favorite paired together like a glass of aged wine and a fresh cut of cheese! From old-school screwball comedies to modern masterpieces, this movie podcast is sure to give you history and hilarity behind some of your favorite bits of cinema. 

Home Alone & Home Sweet Home Alone Something Old, Something New

Is the success of Home Alone (1990) mostly due to John Williams? Is Home Sweet Home Alone (2021) going to bring about the end of civilization? Find out as Anya and Anthony slowly lose their minds by educating their audience on how many Culkin children there are, breaking down the insanity of Home Sweet Home Alone scene by scene, and lose whatever semblance of Christmas spirit they had!  Support us on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/sosnpod Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/sosnpod Follow us on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sosnpod/ Tune in every Monday for new episodes!
  1. Home Alone & Home Sweet Home Alone
  2. Gremlins & The Nightmare Before Christmas
  3. The Red Shoes & Black Swan
  4. Clue & Clueless
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