Why should I read your reviews?

Few feelings in the entire world thrill me more than the tingling sensation in your stomach when you walk out of a movie theater having seen a great film. It is an experience akin to waking from a dream: turning the movie over in your head, laughing over the characters with your friends, chewing on those final bits of popcorn in your mouth. Some fraction of the actual movie magic takes place just as its enchantment starts to wear off. Part of my mission with these reviews is to be able to share that pixie dust with all of you, in my own small way.

Films to me are both a mirror and a lens, exposing myself and the world in beautiful Technicolor or crisp black and white. Blockbuster and art film alike are just different methods of showing audiences something beautiful and terrible about the state of life. I want to encourage my readers, be they few or many, to continue to look at movies in a deeper way, not just as art pieces to be dissected for methods or as entertainment for consumption but as building blocks of character.

Dear Anthony, that all sounds so vague and odd. What do you actually want to write about?

I want to write about all the reasons I love film. I hope to find interesting ways to approach a wide variety of films: good films, bad films, and everything in between, like those starring Nicholas Cage. Part of that pursuit is going to be very personal, relating plots and characters to my own life. Other parts of it can be broad, drawing from themes that comment on the world at large. Still other portions will be more technical, reviewing the craft behind the camera. Through these foundations, I hope to reach other people who find all of this as fascinating as I do, as well as other people who just want to hear me ramble.

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