Encanto‘s Intergenerational Trauma Explored Through Disney Hallmarks

Like its protagonist, Encanto is gifted in less obvious ways than its Disney peers. Under the surface, the film’s story is tapping into the heartbeat of a generation at odds with its ancestors’ way of doing things. Its standardized aesthetics and house of mouse be-true-to-yourself narrative hypnotize youth to bring a strong message of intergenerationalContinue reading Encanto‘s Intergenerational Trauma Explored Through Disney Hallmarks”

Being the Ricardos Review: “Mr. Sorkin, You’re Not Needed on Set”

In his third directing work Being the Ricardos, Aaron Sorkin proves once and for all that he’s better off handing his witty prose to someone who knows where to place a camera, or else he runs the risk of being misjudged as another outdated and insensitive white male. The creator of The West Wing andContinue reading “Being the Ricardos Review: “Mr. Sorkin, You’re Not Needed on Set””

The Matrix Resurrections: Self-Criticism Does Not Equal Substance

Some critics are praising this film for how fresh it feels rather than what it actually accomplishes on a storytelling level. I can understand how someone who feels there is very little new to see in theaters among the sea of nostalgic retreads might find a light in the form of Resurrections. There is meritContinue reading The Matrix Resurrections: Self-Criticism Does Not Equal Substance”

E.I. Emotional Intelligence and A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a meditation on the limitless soul-crushing void at the center of the human condition, and what great lengths we might reach to in order to fill it. That is what fascinates me so much about this film as opposed to other robot movies. It presupposes that “I think, therefore I am” and then asks the logical follow up question “What the hell am IContinue reading “E.I. Emotional Intelligence and A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Simulation in Black Mirror‘s “Be Right Back”

Reality is the simulation of life.  Wait. No, that’s not right. Let me try again.  Simulation is the reality of life. From the moment humans discovered they were only perceiving their lives through a limited number of senses, the idea of comparing what is truly real to what is just our perception of reality has thrown our collective minds forContinue reading “Simulation in Black Mirror‘s “Be Right Back””

L’argent: Style Without Entertainment

Stylistically there seems no filmmaker so simultaneously simple and complex as Robert Bresson. There is something to be said for intellectually stimulating films of his nature that do not pander to any kind of audience, but rather presents its ideas in a semi-objective way in order that viewers can approach the film thoughtfully, as almost a piece of philosophy or literature.   L’argent, beingContinue reading L’argent: Style Without Entertainment”

The Purpose of Plastic: Toy Story

One of the things I respect so much about the Toy Story franchise is its blend of a cynical viewpoint on the world with the spice of childish allegories. The plastic members of the cast, like children, see how tiny they are in comparison to the great world of scary things out there. They findContinue reading “The Purpose of Plastic: Toy Story

Let Them All Talk About The Past

Like our partially improvised subject today, this personal review will have all its pieces laid out as if on the table in a neat little order that doesn’t make sense at first, and then it will hurriedly wrap itself into a semi-coherent bow. Let’s fast forward past the film a bit. Let Them All TalkContinue reading Let Them All Talk About The Past”

The Trial of the Chicago 7: “We’re gonna try something else.”

Pull up Facebook on your Macs, hold your poker cards close, and get ready to handle the truth, because today we’re going to be talking about an Aaron Sorkin movie. I am currently a student at Columbia College Chicago, which is just off the loop in the city. Now I know being a student atContinue reading The Trial of the Chicago 7: “We’re gonna try something else.””

Why should I read your reviews?

Few feelings in the entire world thrill me more than the tingling sensation in your stomach when you walk out of a movie theater having seen a great film. It is an experience akin to waking from a dream: turning the movie over in your head, laughing over the characters with your friends, chewing onContinue reading “Why should I read your reviews?”