L’argent: Style Without Entertainment

Stylistically there seems no filmmaker so simultaneously simple and complex as Robert Bresson. There is something to be said for intellectually stimulating films of his nature that do not pander to any kind of audience, but rather presents its ideas in a semi-objective way in order that viewers can approach the film thoughtfully, as almost a piece of philosophy or literature.   L’argent, beingContinue reading L’argent: Style Without Entertainment”

A Technical Review of Repetition in Fritz Lang’s M

As those practicing real estate might repeat their mantra “Location! Location! Location!”, so should filmmakers similarly recite “Repetition! Repetition! Repetition!”. Repetition, similar to location, does not stand on its own. It is not the foundation, nor any part of the structure of the film itself, but when correctly wielded it becomes one of the strongest tools for executing your goals, whetherContinue reading “A Technical Review of Repetition in Fritz Lang’s M